In the event of an emergency, such as a blizzard or any other event during the school day which interferes with the normal conduct of school affairs, school will be dismissed only upon action of the superintendent or designated representative. The superintendent shall formulate plans and procedures to instruct all students and their parents of the rule and regulations pertaining to emergency school dismissal. Approved: September 27, 2004.

J GFC-R Dismissal Precautions JGFC-R School will not be dismissed because of storms that arise during the school day as long as it is feasible for students and teachers to remain at school in safety. School may be dismissed early if it is determined to be an issue of transportation safety. Parents are urged not to send their children to school when storm conditions exist or when road conditions are such as to create a definite hazard. If adverse weather conditions exist before school begins, the building principals will consult with the superintendent concerning dismissal of school. If the superintendent decides the weather to be of such a nature that the safety of students is threatened, he will notify the local media outlets, and have a school closing announcement broadcast. Every student will be notified of these rules and regulations at the beginning of each school term. In the event of a bomb scare or similar emergency, the principal; may immediately vacate the school and conduct the students to a place of safety. The principal will notify the police station, the county sheriff's office or the Kansas Highway Patrol of the threat and request a thorough inspection of the buildings and grounds. If students are evacuated from the building, if no threat is found to the safety of the students and if there is sufficient time remaining in the school day to warrant continuation of classes, school may be resumed. Emergency procedures will be formulated by the superintendent and administrative staff covering situations where the local building administrator or staff has been isolated or incapacitated by any group during an emergency situation. Such plans are to be held in strict confidence by each staff member having a direct responsibility in the implementation of the plan.

Dismissal of Pupils From School Pupils shall be dismissed form school before the scheduled dismissal time ONLY to their parents or a designated person who shall come to the school office and sign a check-out roster.