In August, students will need specific health information when enrolling in USD 337, according to District School Nurse Amy Mosier. All Kindergarteners entering USD 337 will need to have a health assessment completed by their doctor, their immunization current and complete, including the varicella (or chicken pox shot), and the Hepatitis B series. We will also need a copy of their birth certificate. The varicella vaccine and the Hepatitis B series will also be required for all 1st graders. When you come to enrollment, please bring a copy of your child's immunization record and have it copied and placed in their health file regardless of their grade level.

Students whose last DTaP vaccine was 10 years ago or more will also be required to have an adult tetanus booster (Td) prior to enrollment. Please verify on their Immunization Record when their last DTaP was given. Notices were sent out to students who needed their adult Td shot in the spring. If your student had one at the school, it has already been recorded in their health file. If it was done elsewhere, please forward a copy of that record to the school.

It is important for the protection of your student and all the students that each child is immunized according to Kansas's Guidelines. If you have any questions regarding those requirements, please call the Jackson County Health Department at 785-364-2670 or your primary care provider.


Under KSA 75-5209, K.A.R. 28-1-20, KSA 72-5214, students entering school must provide evidence of immunizations and the results of a physical health assessment. Hepatitis B and Varicella vaccinations will be required for all kindergarten and 1st grade students. All returning students will be required to have their immunizations current according to state guidelines or have on file a medical Exemption from immunizations signed by a physician. Remember, if you have a student whose last DTaP was done 10 years ago, they will need to have an Adult Tetanus booster completed and on file with his or her school.