Students may apply for permission to enroll in an on-line course for credit. Applications shall be submitted to the building principal. The student and the student’s parents shall be informed of the administrator’s decision in writing.

Students may enroll in an on-line course as an alternative to any course offered by the high school, when approved by the administration.


The following guidelines shall be used by the administration:

  1. Only approved courses shall be posted on student transcripts.

  2. Approval of any course shall be based upon the course content and rigor, its length and scope, its method of assessing knowledge acquired by the student, the qualifications of the instructor and other appropriate factors.

  3. Enrollment in an on-line course will be allowed only if an appropriately certified staff member is available and willing to supervise the student’s participation in the course.

  4. Suspended or expelled students may also apply for permission to enroll in on-line course work.

Other Regulations or Guidelines

Approval by the administration shall also be based on Kansas State Department of Education regulations and/or guidelines in effect at the time the student request is made.