There is a recycle trailer available to Hoyt area residents to use. It is in the Royal Valley High School parking lot just south of the garage on the west side.

Materials accepted are:

PETE #1 Plastic: this includes drink bottles, some plastic food containers such as peanut butter jars and water bottles. Look for the recycling logo of arrows in a triangle with the number 1 in the middle and PETE underneath.

HDPE #2 Plastic: Includes milk jugs and other natural colored containers. Look for the logo of the triangle of arrows with a #2 in the middle and HDPE underneath.

HDPE #2 Plastic Colored: #2 colored plastics, soap containers etc. Look for the logo of the triangle of arrows with a #2 in the middle and HDPE COLOR underneath.

White Ledger Paper: Continuous feed computer paper, both green bar and white; white copy paper; white ledger paper; and notebook paper

Office Paper: Colored copier paper; carbonless forms; legal paper; colored ledger paper and junk mail. A few metal paper clips and staples are acceptable. Please remove any plastic tabs.

Newsprint Slick: advertising inserts may remain

Phone Books

Slick Magazines: Magazines and catalogs

Corrugated Cardboard: Paper grocery bags; paper feed sacks with plastic liners removed.

Tin Cans: Must be rinsed. Paper labels do not have to be removed. Wire hangers are also accepted.

Aluminum: Aluminum cans, foil and cooking pans

Glass Bottles/Jars: All colors; Remove caps and cap rings. Labels can be left on the bottles

Automobile Batteries

Used Automotive Oil: Do not contaminate with antifreeze or water.

The trailer is from Jackson County Recycle Center. They pick it up and empty it.

You do not have to be specific as far as what area you put your recycling in. If the outside ways "Cardboard" and that bin is full when you have cardboard to leave; LEAVE THE CARDBOARD IN A BIN THAT HAS ROOM. They would rather have a full trailer when they take it so fill it up no matter what bin is what. I like to tell people - the words on the outside are suggestions only.

Please put your items in bags when possible