Math In Focus Video Links

This year the newly adopted Math in Focus program is being taught in grades K – 6. The new program brings many new strategies and more challenges – for students and teachers alike.

Math in Focus is highly visual, and follows a concrete-to-pictorial-to abstract progression. As concepts are taught, the students will use concrete items to help them learn the concepts. Once the concrete item have been used and understood, the students move on to using pictorial representations. The final step is for students to move from the pictorial understanding to the abstract math procedures.

The Math in Focus program is better aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS introduces a number of concepts in earlier grades, so as we transition from the previous math program to Math in Focus, we will have some adjustments to make. Teachers may need to bring in a lesson from a Math in Focus textbook of an earlier grade as we implement the program. This may especially be important in the upper grade levels, if the concept is one that prior to this year had been taught later on in the students’ education.

A number of short video presentations are available for more information on Math in Focus. Access these videos below.