RVMS Career Students Host Speakers

Last week the Middle School had a local entrepreneur, Melinda Williamson, came and spoke to them about her adventures in creating her business “Morning Light Kombucha.” Williamson explained all that was involved getting her company up and running. Williamson encouraged the students to, ‘Follow their dreams and develop a plan for overcoming obstacles that can and may pop up along the way.’

This week the Middle School had two speakers. Tuesday of last week, Gwen Warton spoke to the class about a day in her life as a NICU Nurse, at Stormont Vail in Topeka. Warton encouraged the students to, ‘Work hard for what they want and not be afraid to ask for help along the way.’

Jeff Erhardt was another speaker in the classroom on Thursday of last week. Erhardt is a radio host of the “Working Ranch Radio Show.” Erhardt is the creator of a 52 minute podcast that is delivered weekly from his home. Erhardt explained how he has seen success, ‘Having a daily routine/schedule that he is committed to, not being afraid to ask people questions, or trying something new.’

Both Williamson and Warton are #RVFamily members having their own students that attend school here in the district. We would like for Erhardt to know that he is now included as a member of our #RVFamily as well!!

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to share with the RVMS Career students about your life work and passions!!

Picture Credits- Laura DelToro